Photography, his passion since the age of 14. It was in the early 70s in Johannesburg – South Africa, that Matteo was trained in the processing and printing of black and white film. Issued from Dramatic Arts school, his other passion is the ‘Seventh Art’.

Matteo Duraz was inspired by photographers such as Sergio Larrain, Helen Levitt, Diane Arbus, William Klein and Raymond Depardon, he likes to observe, capture and show the imperceptible moments of a situation or the fragility and sensitivity of the human being.

He begins working on the homeless people of the city of Nice in France. A Black and White collection named « Nice People ».

His love for jazz music, which he also practices, gives birth to another Black and White collection entitled « Jazz A Porquerolles »,

After a long journey in traditional Black and White photography, Matteo had to accept like many other photographers of his generation, the transition to digital. He wanted to capture bright and vibrant colors, even in low light, and digital was his answer.

He plans to work on a new color collection, chooses fruits and vegetables as a topic and calls it « Natures Vivantes » (Living Nature). According to his taste, he seeks those that he personally appreciates and which lend themselves best to his aesthetic research. With these images, the artist wished to sublimate the colors and the organic graphics of each one of them. The result is often surprising, spectacular and tasty for the eyes.

In his most recent work, he shows us a series of « 13 Regards », (13 Looks) wishing to show, that unlike vision, the gaze refers to the attention that is attached to a person or a thing, and its vision on it.